is enlightenment obtained with the body, or the mind (from Tao Bums)

well, here’s a quote from Dogen, just to stir things up:

When we let go of our minds and cast aside our views and understandings the Way will be actualized. One sage clarified True Mind (Reality) when he saw peach blossoms and another realized the Way when he heard the sound of tile hitting a bamboo. They attained the way through their bodies. Therefore, when we completely cast aside our thoughts and views and practice shikantaza, we will become intimate with the way. This is why I encourage you to practice zazen wholeheartedly.

“Shobogenzo-zuimonki”, sayings recorded by Koun Ejo, translated by Shohaku Okumura, 2-26, pg 1 7-1 8, copyright Sotoshu Shumucho)

Maybe we are talking two different things here, I don t know. I don t really know too much about enlightenment, but as far as shikantaza, I can feel that. Intimate with the way, that sounds good… the matter of life and death, how can that be resolved through the body, my friends would ask (and they do).

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