What is this Zen-Stuff for? (from the comments on “Hardcore Zen”)

Andy said…

Hey guys,

I stumbled over this blog and have one simple question.

What is this Zen-Stuff for?

Mark said…

@Andy- “what is this Zen-stuff for?”, it’s for those moments when you have nothing to do.

How are you at doing nothing?

If you find yourself doing nothing, then you know what Zen is about.

My opinion.

Andy said…

@Mark Foote: Well actually I spend quite a lot of time hanging around doing nothin. So if that’s Zen I know it quite well!

Mark said…

Yes, you already have practiced zazen, doing nothing.

When you sit, the thing that corrects your posture is your ability to feel referred sensation throughout your body, and the sense of place you have connected with that. That’s why it’s doing nothing; you don’t get to correct your posture either.

And you’ve already done it, even to the point of absorption, when you’re not doing nothing anymore. Am I right? Where is that, right before absorption?- nowhere doing nothing, and somehow everyone else is there.

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