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Mark Foote
Post title: Bat on a City Street
(Feb 14 2015 at 02:06 PM)

batThe neuroscientists Olaf Blanke and Christine Mohr hypothesize that the sense of self is a function of the vestibular, ocular, and proprioceptive/tactile/kinesthetic senses.

I devote a lot of my thought to reassuring myself that it's alright to experience depth in senses other than the eyes and the mind, particularly in the proprioceptive and vestibul

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Mark Foote
Post title: "Breath Gets Cut Off During Meditation"
(Dec 24 2014 at 11:43 AM)

Someone started a thread on "The Tao Bums" forum with the title: "Breath Gets Cut Off During Meditation", and asked for "any advice (on how) to overcome it".

Yuanwu, the twelfth century Chinese Zen teacher and author of "The Blue Cliff Record", wrote:

"You must strive with all your might to bite through here and cut off conditioned habits of mind. Be like a person who has died the great death: after your breath is cut off, then you come back to life. Only then do you realize that it

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Mark Foote
Post title: "How do you properly drop your Brain into the Lower Dan Tien?"
(Nov 8 2014 at 12:02 PM)

On "The Tao Bums", a Tao Chi Kung teacher going by the moniker of Ya Mu responded to the question "how do you properly drop your brain into the lower dan tien?" with these words:

"You don't. Give up the mental, reduce brain waves to near zero and put a gentle awareness in Dan Tian. Make every move, every action, every energetic prelude to "thought" come from or centered from this place of awareness."

This, from a guy who was once in a lab where they measured him going through states u

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