Belief is a Part of Practice

The aspect of practice I’m concerned with now is Cheng Man-ching’s assertion that relaxation takes place along the spine from the tailbone to the crown of the head. If I look for three directions right where I am in space, and free right where I am in space to shift and move, sometimes right where I am stays in the lower abdomen and stretches under the pelvis and up the spine, inhaling and exhaling.

Klamath National Wildlife RefugeThe hard part is not getting on the mule, letting the sense of location and the activity develop out of necessity in the movement of breath. Or you could say that’s the easy part, because it’s just the exercise of the senses that comes naturally in the movement of breath.

To believe in an understanding of practice is not practice, and yet, the belief is a part of practice; the belief causes me to act and carries the process of understanding forward, as I experience the result of my belief in the absence of volition.

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