Necessity that Places the Mind Just So

I was dancing a little bit tonight to a pair of guitar players at an event, and for me something seemed to flow as I accepted the ability of the cranial-sacral rhythm at my place of mind to open the cranial-sacral rhythm elsewhere in my body. Sometimes our unconscious arranges for consciousness to take place at precisely the location necessary to impact a stretch and open the exit of nerves from the sacrum, spinal column, or skull; I would say that’s exactly what happened when you bent over to pick up that shoe. It wasn’t just the bending; it was the impact of consciousness at a particular place with regard to your mind and body that added just a tiny bit of movement to the cranial-sacral rhythm where it was already moving well, opening the movement where it was not.

When I describe something I do that comes to me out of a necessity of breath and posture, like the way I dance or the stretches involved in the way I sit, I have to add that the real thing happens waking up and falling asleep. If I grasp at the feeling I have, I am no longer waking up and falling asleep, and my ability to feel changes. If what I feel informs the place of occurrence of consciousness, then the ability to feel is my necessity of breath and posture, and I find myself waking up or falling asleep in the midst of my activity.

You could not have opened movement in your sacrum and pelvis without a necessity that placed your mind just so, in response to your ability to feel.

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