‘At some point within Buddhism do you lose the structure?’- manitou, on Tao Bums

I was up at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center the other day, and Issho Fujita gave a presentation on the stretches involved in zazen. He ended by pointing out that we put our hands on our heads when we wonder what to do or what to think about something; we cross our hands over our heart when we seek humility; what, he asked, is the mind that goes with the posture of zazen? When we sit, we experience that mind, he said. read more

on dreaming- from the Castaneda thread, on Tao Bums

For the most part I believe waking and sleeping is the same effort. As I reflect on dreaming, I realize that maybe the same effort that’s involved in waking and sleeping can be a part of dreaming. We realize the place as the place is what is, single-pointed yet inclusive past what can be known. If we see our hands, or travel out of body, the effort is still only this?- my guess, since I can’t claim to have done either. read more