A Turning Point For Me

shadow of leaves during eclipseThe lotus so far has taught me how a particular balance is struck:  the sartorius muscles rotate the pelvis; rotation in the pelvis extends the hips; extension of the hips generates activity in the piriformis muscles; activity in the piriformis muscles rotates the sacrum contrary to the pelvis and a balance is struck. I can find the sartorius ...  read more

The Practice of Zazen in Words

Isis, Nefertari, and AnkhI would say that nobody really teaches the practice that is the heart of the Soto school; mostly, they just stagger around mumbling “I encourage you to practice zazen wholeheartedly” to the walls.

That is probably why the teachers who brought the teaching West had to be impressive. They had a mouthful of marbles, and could not express ...  read more

The Working Ingredient of the Precepts

“Zen in everyday life is keeping the precepts”- I think a lot of Zen teachers are on board with that, I think Reb Anderson’s “Warm Smiles from Cold Mountain” is about that in the context of Richard Baker’s departure from SF Zen Center.

Some would say that the precepts have more to do with zazen than the revelation ...  read more