From Letters to Friends

Haze over KonoctiIf we are to find action on a basis other than judgement and the exercise of volition, we have to find a way to extend the mind of compassion beyond the limits of the senses, to think good thoughts toward people on the other side of the wall–then what is beyond the limits of the senses comes into play in the balance of force and counterforce at the location of awareness.

Just as with the fingers on a ouija board planchette, it’s important that the touch of force and counterforce at the location of awareness be light, that movement be invited, and that goodwill be extended. Then it’s possible for action to take place without the exercise of volition.

There is another aspect of the action that takes place in such a manner–as I wrote to a friend last night:

I know for a fact that what lies beyond the boundaries of the senses can generate action in my breath and in my body, and maybe I don’t know why I act but somehow the action generally turns out to be in accord with events as they unfold.

I respect that there is an ability to act blind (as it were), in accordance with what is best for all and for the future, and that compassion must be exercised in order for that ability to truly manifest.

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