seeing true nature- from Ted Biringer’s Flatbed Sutra blog

I had to read that first sentence a few times: “According to Buddhism all suffering is due to a gap between our views about reality and the way reality truly is.” Also the second and subsequent sentences! Ha ha!

Now I would say according to the Gautamid suffering is the five groups of grasping, and again per the Gautamid the origin of suffering is ignorance. The cessation of suffering is the cessation of ignorance, and the eight-fold path leads to the cessation of ignorance.

Ready to jump on me, buddy? I bet you are! -In the lecture on the six-fold sense field in Majjhima Nikaya (three), we discover that the experience of sense organ, sense object, consciousness, impact, and feeling with regard to each of the six senses completes the eight-fold path. In Samyutta Nikaya in the chapter on “intent concentration on in-breaths and out-breaths”, we find that the Gautamid’s practice before and after his enlightenment keyed on mindfulness of in-breaths and out-breaths, and included as the second part of the practice mindfulness of the length of the particular movement of breath (didn’t Dogen’s teacher contradict the wisdom of this instruction?).

In my practice, the length of the particular movement of breath informs the extent of physical stretch and reciprocal activity through the place of occurrence of consciousness, and there is feeling. It’s sufficient to be where I am 24/7, and yet I agree with you: a witness of the placement of consciousness conditioned by ignorance, aversion, or attraction frees the place of occurrence of consciousness, and hence “seeing true nature” is a natural part of well-being that is to be expected in daily life.

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