From Letters to Friends

Haze over KonoctiIf we are to find action on a basis other than judgement and the exercise of volition, we have to find a way to extend the mind of compassion beyond the limits of the senses, to think good thoughts toward people on the other side of the wall–then what is beyond the limits of the senses comes into play in the balance of force and counterforce ...  read more

Drawing Water and Chopping Wood

Konocti behind rice fly swarms

Miraculous power and marvelous activity:
Drawing water and chopping wood.

(Pangyun, a lay Zen practitioner, eight century C.E.)

Cleave a (piece of) wood, I am there;
lift up the stone and you will find Me there.

(The Gospel According to Thomas, coptic text established and translated by A. Guillaumont, H.-CH. Puech, G. ...  read more