Referred Sensation (comment on Hardcore Zen)

The article Is Arithmetic Consistent? points out that indeed arithmetic is consistent locally, that the difficulties of completeness that Godel demonstrated come in primarily with the axiom of induction and the extension of a proof to all members of an infinite set. At least, that’s the way I understand what he’s saying!

I think anytime we hear something like “the ground of being”, we have made a leap from known finite instances of experience to some kind of proof on an infinite set. That doesn’t mean it’s not true in the localized cases, but with the extension to the infinite the logic will allow contradictions.

In the lecture Sacred Body, Todd Murphy notes that the brain and the heart have no nerves for pain or pleasure, so that brain tumors can become enormous with no pain and heart attacks are recognized by pain referred to the left arm and shoulder. Murphy speaks of the chakras as sites of referred brain activity- I hope I’m not misstating his position too badly!

Can I assume that the regulars on this thread all have a practice that involves the use of referred sensation, from the spinal nerve exits to the limbs, the jaw, and the surface of the skin, and from the brain to centers in the body connected with a personal relationship to the six senses?

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