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There was once a sense of revolution here around San Francisco, and a strange melding of African-American, Asian-American, Native American, and Anglo-American influences. A bop and beat culture with Taoist and Buddhist influences, that understood that Native Americans had the right idea about the land, and was determined to bring Western science ...  read more

Last time I saw Kobun

Last time I saw Kobun (unusual Zen guy, wanted to be called Kobun without any honorific), he was concluding three week-long sesshins back-to-back. Someone asked him if he had any pain or numbness in the lotus, and he replied that he never did (of course, his father was a Zen teacher, and Kobun first started sitting at age seven). Kobun noted that ...  read more

comment, Warner’s “Hardcore Zen”

“all bozos on this bus”- David Chadwick’s byline.

I made comments on Gudo Nishijima’s blog because I believe like him that there can be a fusion of Western and Eastern sciences. I got a very cordial response, even a request that I help Brad, and then what I felt was disinterest. Gudo didn’t respond to the ideas I put ...  read more