hypnosis + ‘the most important thing’

There’s a phenomena in the practice of zazen that is similar to hypnotic suggestion from one’s own unconscious.

At S.F. Zen Center, Kobun Chino Otogawa once said: “You know, sometimes zazen gets up and walks around.” My own understanding, which I have come to years after having the experience Kobun described, is that the pulmonary respiration and the cranial-sacral respiration utilize the sense of location in the occurrence of consciousness to open feeling (and well-being is simply a matter of “knowing thus, seeing thus” as the Gautamid put it).  Sometimes the sense of location in the occurrence of consciousness and the cranial-sacral respiration seem to enter into the long or short of the pulmonary respiration, and at such times things perceived beyond the boundaries of the six senses can suggest something through the unconscious that will effect action in the body.

The witness of the place of occurrence of consciousness conditioned by attachment, aversion, or ignorance surely frees the place of occurrence of consciousness, if living the life of purity to make an end of suffering is the most important thing.

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