question on hypnogogic states during the day

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so to give you an update.

I am able to make your “waking up and falling asleep” practice work for me. Three nights of success.

Last night was quite challenging, due a cold cough I woke up at 1:45AM, after a cold remedy, using your practice went back to sleep. Then woke up again around 3:45AM, not wanting to disturb my wife with coughing (read fear of getting kicked out of the bedroom ). I went to another room, again using your practice was able to fall asleep and wake up around 6AM.

So to take your practice a little further, the “waking up” part. Sorry I am not clear what you are saying there. I also looked up hypnogogic states which you mentioned in your original post (‘what I call the practice of “Waking Up and Falling Asleep”, which is concerned with the role of hypnogogic states in daily life’).

The issue that I am trying to fix during the working day is information overload, processing large volumes of data. So the goal, the desired ‘state’ is to remain unemotional, unattached during the working day, while processing large volumes of data and making a dozen or so important decisions.

Qigong, meditation helps quite a bit, but not the sustained ‘state’ I am looking for, lasting hours at a time.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I am intrigued by your comment about role of hypnogogic states during the day. All the best.

(from Tao Bums The Myth of the Eight-Hour Sleep thread)

I’ll try to clarify what I meant by “the role of hypnogogic states in daily life”.

At some point, acknowledging what I feel as consciousness occurs becomes a part of the place of occurrence of consciousness. The acknowledgement of what I feel follows from the sense of well-being in the experience of the place of occurrence of consciousness.

Equanimity in the acknowledgement of what I feel is the induction of the hypnogogic state (this just happens).

If the sense of location in awareness wakes you up and sets you about your activity, that is sudden, yet in daily life allowing for falling asleep as well as waking up is a gradual shift- that’s what I believe. I would suggest you try the same practice in the morning (sitting down, most likely!). Might take you awhile to find the same movement of awareness that you feel lying down in the early hours, the main thing is to relax and let go so that the ability to feel opens.

My own strategy is to accept that I have many memories tagged with adrenalin by the amygdala, memories of falling down physically and mentally from before I had language (I’m indebted to Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” on that one). I’m not that good at it either, dealing with the stress of modern living and work, and yet I’ve always had faith that whatever I needed would be given, if only I were open to receive.

Thanks for the question, very helpful to me, actually.

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