response to “The Full Lotus”, “sex energy”, on Tao Bums

There can be a sexual energy connected with the balance forward in the lower abdomen; Kegels with the pubo-coccygeus would be connected with that.

There are three motions at the sacrum, pitch, roll and yaw, that translate into three stretches in the ilio-sacral, sacro-spinous and sacro-tuberous ligaments respectively. The pitch motion, forward and back, not only stretches the ilio-sacral ligaments allowing the sacrum to move to a lower horizontal pivot on the pelvis, but stretches ligaments connected with the pubo-coccygeus muscles, and generates activity in these muscles that carries into the pubic bone and the rectus muscle of the lower abdomen. The external oblique, internal oblique, and transversus abdominals have ligamentous connections to the rectus, and these connections are of equal mass at a point about two inches below the navel. I’m still learning about “as before, so behind; as behind, so before” but I think it has to do with these stretches and the activity that results.

Fuxi’s poem is a great guide for me:

“The empty hand grasps the hoe handle
walking along, I ride the ox
the ox crosses the wooden bridge
the bridge is flowing, the water is still”

The practice of “as before, so behind; as behind, so before” is I think connected with the first line. The second line would be about the stretches and activity from the stretch of the sacro-spinous ligaments, side-to-side. The third line would be similarly the stretches and activity from the sacro-tuberous ligaments, out of the motion of yaw at the sacrum (on the diagonals). Last line concerns action solely from the place of consciousness as it occurs and the cessation of action through the exercise of volition. All the steps are linear, and simultaneous, so I might as well just be where I am, and hope to “tower up like a mile-high wall and see that there aren’t so many things”.

Shunryu Suzuki said all a person can do about the practice is to be grateful. He also said, “zazen sits zazen”. Kobun Chino Otogawa said, “you know, sometimes zazen gets up and walks around!”- this experience is still my only light.

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