Shunryu Suzuki, “Don’t Spend Your Time in Vain”

“I don’t know why, you know, I am [laughs] in Tassajara [laughs]. Not for you or for myself, or not even for Buddha or for Buddhism. I am just here laughs . I cannot- You know, I don’t feel so good if-even when I think I have to leave Tassajara in two-three weeks, I don’t feel so good. I don’t know why [laughs]. I don’t think that is just because you are my students. I don’t think so. I do not have any particular person whom I love so much [laughs]. I don’t know why I have to be there. I have not much attachment to Tassajara. It is not because of I attach to Tassajara. read more

How continuity enters practice- (a letter to a friend, rethought)

I’m thinking about how continuity enters practice, continuity being really a state of trance or a stream of thought. Question to me is, how does the witness of my attraction to thought enter into my sense of place?- without my intervention, I remind myself. The feeling that attracts me is not mine, the edge of thoughts is not mine, action out of place is not done. Meditation on impermanence, detachment from feeling, cessation, relinquishment- I certainly feel when I’m thinking, waking or falling asleep, and I’m mightily attracted to that ability to feel.