from Hardcore Zen comments

There was once a sense of revolution here around San Francisco, and a strange melding of African-American, Asian-American, Native American, and Anglo-American influences. A bop and beat culture with Taoist and Buddhist influences, that understood that Native Americans had the right idea about the land, and was determined to bring Western science into the mix. The psychedelics made a transformation of culture seem imminent. The appearance of amazing teachers from the East made the transformation of culture seem imminent. The advent of rock ‘n roll and punk rock made the transformation of culture appear imminent.

The transformation of culture depends on people having fun, and yet it also depends on people learning how to stretch into fun. The carrot here is people that can demonstrate fun consistently, like Brad Warner (and apparently Zero Defex?), like Nina Hartley, like Kobun’s successor Vanja Palmers on the dance floor (ok, haven’t seen it but I’m sure it’s true), while also demonstrating a proclivity for stretch. That is contagious. Brad is writing to demonstrate the peculiar fun of experiencing a lack of self in a posture of prayer, sexual or otherwise.

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