Mind and Bones and Breath

Lately I am looking for something when I sit, and I confess it. This morning I sat at 3:30 am because the smoke alarms went off (for no apparent reason), and I looked for three things: 1) a sense of location in space; 2) a sense of pitch, yaw, and roll at the location of my awareness that extends and receives the ability to feel; 3) an inclusion in awareness of the feeling of inhalation or exhalation, and of the feeling of the length of the inhalation or exhalation. read more

The Place the Zen Teacher’s Action Comes From

We’ve all got our guiding lights, but it’s the place the Zen teacher’s action comes from that marks the living absence of a substantial self, that would be what has drawn me to Zen from the beginning. I’m currently convinced this place is where my awareness is right at the moment, although I might not be the best example to my peers.