How psychics receive their visions

I have a friend who passes along information on how psychics receive their visions (as it were). They teach being open to seeing before words, before making sense.

Dualism just means the mind is here, and the object of mind there. What if the mind moves, and the object of mind has a part in the placement? And the things that enter the mind before words, before sense, have a part in the placement?

If I close my eyes, my mind doesn’t seem to be in quite the same place as when my eyes are open. If I look to follow that sense of place from one instant to the next, I fall asleep or wake up as appropriate. This is also the practice of zazen, to me. Can it be taught this way?

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  1. My friend comments:

    I’d change ‘seeing’ to sensing, since often the perceptions can be smell, feel, auditory, etc.

    The term ‘seer’ is early 20th century, and doesn’t really describe remote sensing adequately.

    Anyone having done even a cursory read on psi will realize this.

    Remember, when I found my sweetheart’s wallet, I had a flash of her bed AND the distinct ‘feeling’ of ‘down’.

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