Being Absorbed in Cleaning the Desk

I think I am down to this, there’s a relationship between the ability to feel and the consciousness that takes place freely with regard to the six senses. That relationship is automatic in waking up and falling asleep, and anyone can find it there, if they have a need to find it. read more

Feeling to the Surface of the Skin

I did reply to humbleone’s request for more description of the practice with a recap of the science of referred sensation, meaning that allopathic medicine uses the presence of numbness on the surface of the skin to locate pinched nerve exits along the sacrum and spine. I offered that in my experience, the ability to feel to the surface of the skin of the entire body is related to the ability of consciousness to occur freely in three dimensional space with respect to the senses, and in fact it’s my belief that as a part of natural well-being, the two respirations utilize the place of occurrence of consciousness to open feeling to the surface of the skin. read more