Aviation Terms: A Conversation


I get out of balance sometimes because something’s not quite comfortable in my posture and I’ve somehow become numb to it, and over the years I have formed a habit of checking where I left myself physically when things get weird.

That’s why I wrote:

My own practice in response to any “cutting off” ...  read more

The “Turning Phrase” of Zen

A teacher of neigong said:

For the neigong we do, brain activity approaches zero and yes, we can do that almost instantly and I have proven this in a sleep lab, but natural awareness increases.

Milton Erickson also described an increase of awareness in trance:

I go into trances so that I will be more sensitive to the intonations ...  read more

Not Knowing Isn’t Necessarily Not Doing

Grand Canyon cloudsGautama mentions extending the mind of compassion in the ten directions to infinity, and says the perfection of such an extension is the realm of infinite ether (the first arupa jhana, or immaterial trance).

Lately I’m on a lot about proprioception in equalibrioception– “with no part of the body left out”, a singularity ...  read more