Dual, Non-Dual–Comments on “The Dao Bums”

Konocti deep sunsetA friend of mine wrote to say that the things I said in brief in my last post could have used expansion, that I was in fact too brief.

That post was a comment I made on the forum site “The Dao Bums”, on a thread entitled “Differences between dualism and non-dualism”.  What exactly is represented by “dualism” and “non-dualism” ...  read more

Action in the Absence of Choice

Clear Lake sunset

Enlightenment is seeing through your belief in a person that chooses and realizing it was always just a delusion about how things are.

(stirling, “The Dao Bums”, “Differences between dualism and non-dualism”, May 3 2022)

I think it’s necessary to experience action in the absence of choice, before “belief in a person ...  read more