The Meaning of the Ankh (reply on Tao Bums)

Isis, Nephthys, and Ankh

Ankh purification

I still think the ankh represents the cranial-sacral rhythm. The “ankh purification” (second illustration) is a beautiful depiction of how the cranial-sacral rhythm is controlled by the nerves on the sagittal suture, and extends fluidly throughout the body. Thank you for that.

The Egyptians seem to have understood that connection ...  read more

Storing chi at the tan-t’ien, from Tao Bums

I notice piriformis highlighted on that last set of illustrations.

For me, accumulation of chi in the tan-t’ien is a reference to the consciousness that occurs naturally in the vicinity of the tan-t’ien, and sometimes that consciousness almost seems like it’s continuously at the tan-t’ien but I don’t believe it is just ...  read more