straighten the clothes and sit precariously

The Tai-Chi teacher Cheng Man-Ching mentioned an ancient Chinese description of meditation in one of his books: straighten the clothes and sit precariously.

When I sit, I remind myself that the two respirations (pulmonary and cranial-sacral) utilize the occurrence of consciousness to coordinate the activity of posture, and that relaxation and calm ...  read more

…about full lotus (part 2)

(Response to the thread “What is so special about full lotus?” posted by effilang, in the Discussion Forum on Tao Bums)

This morning a second question has occurred to me, and that is: why do they sit 40-50 minutes in the lotus, when most hatha yoga postures are only assumed briefly?

My answer would be, because we work loose, first the sacrospinous ...  read more