The State of Mind Where Here is Moving (Reply on Brad’s Blog)

Yes, you are right, I’m talking about a physical experience of the location of awareness. Right in front of your nose, no wait it’s in your hand, back in your chest, where is it. Close your eyes, where is here- can you keep breathing without here shifting? Where was here when you came out of the trance of your thought- maybe in your head, maybe not.

Ok, I’m talking about the juxtaposition of the sense of equalibrium with the sense of proprioception and the sense of gravity. As in, here.

That’s what I’m talking about, and you might have to lie in bed at four in the morning trying to get back to sleep before you can be relaxed enough and at the same time alert enough to follow where your awareness is in-between waking and sleeping. Can’t be ‘done’.

Can be open to here moving, the state of mind where here is moving; involves all the senses, and a rhythm in the necessity of breath.

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