One Thing and Another

Clear Lake Sunset
It’s definitely a catch-22. It’s necessary to have “freedom of the singular location of self-awareness to move in space” (as I wrote in my last post), in order to generate and sustain an even stretch, but it’s also necessary to have an even stretch in order to experience “freedom of the singular location of self-awareness”.

I find myself relaxing around the “singular location of self-awareness”. As specific muscle groups relax, calm in a particular stretch of ligaments can be realized. Right now experience connected with relaxation in the abdominals and calm in ligaments of the lower spine and sacrum commands my attention when I sit.

Seems like I have a lot of work to do, just to sit. “Lack of desire”, said Gautama, “by means of lack of desire.” (1)


1) MN III 220, Pali Text Society Vol III pg 269

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