Muho of Antaiji takes a swing at Brad in ‘The Truth About Hardcore Zen’

I’m still mulling over the significance of the abbot of Antaiji misrepresenting the sentiment of Brad’s letter, and casting aspersions on Brad’s teacher for mentioning physiology. That was quite a long diatribe about masturbation versus family life, as well; very interesting attempt to establish a Catholic norm as a Buddhist standard.

Personally I have respect for the Gautamid as a teacher of zazen, but not as a teacher of social norms. The Cannon makes clear he was a bit of a misogynist, and of course the Order split after his death over the question of whether or not an arahant could have a wet dream. Masturbation meant you went to the bottom of the food line; having children as a monk was out of the question.

I think in the West we are obliged to speak to the happiness that the Gautamid associated with meditative states; if zazen is just hard reality training, or is described that way, then the dream that I and many others have of the lotus becoming a more common practice in the West will remain unrealized. Could be that no amount of insightful description will convey how the practice is associated with happiness, and I should read more of the gentleman’s talks I suppose, but I’m guessing Brad is closer to such description than the Abbot at the moment.

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