Response to Chunyi Lin interview, on Tao Bums

I am an amateur at Tai-Chi, and at sitting the full lotus, and at being a “love radiator” as Chunyi Lin puts it, yet even an amateur can say that we have two struggles here: one is to heal ourselves, which is how the interview opens, and the other is to find the words and actions to communicate the means of healing to others.

Even though ...  read more

isolating the motion of the sacrum

In my experience, the lotus is about isolating the motion of the sacrum. I like John Upledger’s explanation of that motion, based on his own research and the theories of cranial-sacral osteopathy: the skull bones, the spine, and the sacrum flex and extend with changes in the fluid volume of the dural fluid (ten cycles a minute, Upledger says ...  read more

what I am as where I am

I think for me there is no path without personal necessity, and somewhere inside I have always believed that mindfulness depends on the necessity of mindfulness. In the Gautamid’s teaching, the “setting up of mindfulness” always began: “sitting down cross-legged and holding the body upright, (one) sets mindfulness in front ...  read more