Anapanasati (“Discourse on Mindfulness When Breathing In or Out”)

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Interestingly enough, Thich Nhat Hanh had as his most essential sutras the “Sutta on the Full Awareness of Breathing” (which had 16 steps) and the “Sutta on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness” (Satipathhana, I believe)… I neglected both of those all of these years until it hit me how essential ...  read more


Clear Lake duskWhen I sit, I start out having to relax and calm down, to let go of my mind, and hopefully to find my impermanence and some equanimity toward a little bit of pain around the edges.   If I do drop into where I am now, I experience movement in the location of self-awareness, but I can double-down on “free to ...  read more