Effort, Effortlessness, Reconciliation

Sundown on the Mayacama MountainsThis morning I found myself particularly focused on the part of Gautama’s “way of living” that is the experience of zest in inhalation and exhalation, and similarly the experience of ease. He speaks of the body permeated and suffused with such feeling, so that no part of the body is left out.

To the extent that relaxation of the activity of the body in inhalation and exhalation precedes such experience of feeling, I identify the zest and ease with picking up the sense of proprioception (and joy with opening the hand of thought, as it were). Sure enough, if I look for it, zest and ease.

Equally, the role of my eyes in the experience of equalibrioception and a location of mind was necessary to me this morning, to begin.

Is this an effort, or is this the effortless experience of things as they is, out of necessity (“things as they is”, after Shunryu Suzuki)? The lotus definitely gives me to know necessity, but I presume any bent-leg posture would do the same, including prayer on the knees or the Sufi zikir.

For me, the differences in the coordination of support for posture are reconciled in the autonomic function of the movement of breath; I have faith in this, because I know the breath that reaches everywhere in the mind of friendliness has gotten up and walked around, and I believe can as necessary.

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