Wu Wei

It is possible to act without intent, and to do so in the course of daily life; this is wu wei to me. As soon as there’s intent, there’s discrimination of good and bad, and there’s nothing natural about that.

I think the best is to accept falling asleep with waking up, and waking up with falling asleep; too much emphasis on waking up, and we can’t sleep. Too much emphasis on falling asleep, and we can’t wake up.

The empty hand grasps the hoe handle
Walking along I ride the ox
The ox crosses the wooden bridge
The bridge is flowing, the water is still

(Fuxi, around 5th century C.E.)

The place associated with the occurrence of consciousness flows waking up and falling asleep, the impact of place generates an ability to feel, the feeling informs the occurrence of consciousness; the habitual activity of perception and sensation ceases.

Really, there’s nothing I can do to wake up or fall asleep, and that leaves me right where I am.

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