Shunryu Suzuki’s “Whole-Body Zazen”

Clouds over KonoctiIn his description of the induction of the first state of concentration, Gautama spoke of how a person:

… steeps, drenches, fills and suffuses this body with zest and ease, born of solitude, so that there is not one particle of the body that is not pervaded by this lone-born zest and ease. (1)

In my practice, I make use of some advice Shunryu ...  read more

At the Berkeley Zendo

I lived in El Cerrito for most of 2015. While I was there, I made an effort to attend some of the sittings at the Berkeley Zen Center, and likewise to attend some of the weekend lectures.

At one of the lectures, I signed up for a one-day sitting.

When the day came, I got to the zendo on time, and found an empty mat at the back. One day sittings ...  read more