The writings that have been the most useful to me from “The Mudra of Zen” and “Zazen Notes” are now collected on this site as “A Natural Mindfulness”.

“A Natural Mindfulness” is organized in two parts. The first part revolves around “one-pointedness of mind”, a characteristic of concentration mentioned in one of Gautama the Buddha’s lectures:

Making self surrender the object of thought, one lays hold of concentration, one lays hold of one-pointedness of mind.

(SN V 200, Pali Text Society V 176)

The second part concerns the science that has informed my sitting over the years. Anatomy and kinesthesiology have been helpful to me, but I’m aware that there are other, more traditional ways to convey the same information, and that many people find the traditional ways more to their liking. Nevertheless, for those like me who prefer a Western framework of understanding, I have included the science.

The collection begins here:

Waking Up and Falling Asleep

“The Mudra of Zen” archive pages may be accessed here.

Thank you,

Mark Foote
August, 2020