response to Rainbow_Vein on Tao Bums

…the last few days I have been reminded of Chen Man-Ch’ing’s practice description for the stage of man, mainly: relax from the shoulders to the wrist, from the hip joint to the heel, and from the sacrum to the headtop (in the Ben Lo Martin Inn translation, this is “relax the ligaments”; I don’t think that’s actually possible, as ligaments stretch and resile but it’s muscles that contract and relax- nevertheless, I take the meaning as resting weight on the ligaments in such a way as to realize reciprocal activity in associated postural muscles). read more

response to question, from cat on Tao Bums

You are welcome to post my comments anywhere you feel is appropriate. I confess, I copied them to my blog. I believe in the vocabulary I have developed to describe these things (of course, it’s bits and pieces of the Pali Cannon, Tai-Chi teachings, and cranial-sacral theory, so I’m just the collector of it), and I have come to understand that I have to realize it fresh every time I sit, and every time I write it down. read more