Thanks so much for the feedback. Yes, I do care that more people are able to experience the same thing that you and I have experienced, I do think that there’s a well-being in that experience that is of benefit, even if only in brief interludes. Here’s a passage from “Zen Letters, Teachings of Yuanwu” that seems relevant:

The essential thing in studying the Way is to make the roots deep and the stem strong. Be aware of where you really are, twenty-four hours a day. You must be most attentive. When nothing at all gets on your mind, it all merges harmoniously, without hindrance–the whole thing is empty and still, and there is no more doubt or hesitation in anything you do. This is called the fundamental matter appearing ready-made. (1)

When I read teachings like this, I always keep in mind that the words were spoken for the benefit of the speaker, and when they cease to be a teaching for the teacher they cease to communicate. Yuanwu has beautiful letters–he starts out strong, closes with something remarkable, and in between is his personal journey. Here he recites things he already is certain on, at the start of a letter. The Clearys titled this letter “It doesn’t come from outside”; toward the close of the letter, Yuanwu says this:

This is why the founder of Zen pointed directly to the human mind. This is why “The Diamond Sutra” taught the importance of human beings detaching from forms. When a strong man moves his arm, he does not depend on someone else’s strength–that’s what it’s like to be detached from forms. (1)

Here he is attempting to point toward action out of the place of occurrence of consciousness, choiceless action with no future and no past. In my opinion he is successful, if you already know what he’s talking about, to some extent. I have confidence that his words are alive, yet his conclusion in the letter (which I won’t quote) leads me to think he knew when he had said as much as he could say, and he left off with that and went about his life. He didn’t have to make sense to anyone else. He knew he was talking to himself, and if he was very lucky, to a handful of others.

My opinion. Hopefully this interests you.


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1) “Zen Letters, Teachings of Yuanwu”, translated by J.C. Cleary and Thomas Cleary, pg 53