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Mark Foote
Post title: Four Points of Ki Aikido
(Aug 7 2018 at 06:21 PM)

Reeds and KonoctiKoichi Tohei was a student of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. In his own teaching, Tohei developed four principles to help guide his students:

1) Keep one point;
2) Relax completely;
3) Keep weight underside;
4) Extend Ki.


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Mark Foote
Post title: Comment on "What's So Special About the Lotus", from Dao Bums
(Jul 21 2018 at 06:07 PM)

Sophie the Cat in the WindowI continue to sit the 40 in the lotus, at least once a day, in spite of the extent of the stretch that I find myself in past 35. I'm looking for the activity of the sitting to be generated involuntarily out of the stretch of ligaments, in reciprocity for the most part, and I accept that the stretch that's involved is going to develop

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Mark Foote
Post title: "Is the Suffocation Response Something You Experience While Sitting?"
(May 27 2018 at 03:32 PM)

Sunset RaysHere's a question I was asked on "The Dao Bums" site recently, and my response:

"Is the suffocation response something you experience while sitting?"

It's something I experience every sitting, along with the anxiety connected with the precariousness of posture.

The precariousness for me is mostly about support for the lumbar cur

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